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Top 100 Songs for your Wedding Reception


There is a lot of effort that goes into planning a successful wedding, and good entertainment is a must.  Often times, the difference between a good and a bad wedding experience can be attributed to the quality of the DJ, and of course, their choice of songs!  

Even if you're working with a DJ that you trust will do a great job, it never hurts to point them in the direction of some of your favourite songs.  In fact, after years of DJing and 100's of weddings, we almost always request that our clients provide us with at least 15-20 song requests so we can get a feeling for their tastes and ensure we have a properly catered playlist ready for their party!

To help make your music selection process a little bit easier, we've put our years of wedding experience to work and conveniently compiled a list of the top 100 songs most often requested by our wedding clients.

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Our Top 5 Ottawa Wedding Venues


Evermore Weddings and Events

evermore weddings and events ottawa


Located just 30 minutes west of Ottawa, just outside the town of Almonte, Evermore is a beautifully restored barn that was once the childhood home of Dr. James Naismith, the creator of basketball.  Sitting on 45 acres of beautiful, picturesque farmland, this outdoor/indoor wedding venue is sure to capture that rustic elegance feel that has been a growing trend in the wedding scene.  Four elegant wedding areas are positioned closely, allowing guests to take in the sights and fresh air while you get unique shots with your photographer!

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All Eyes On You: Picking The Perfect First Dance Song

Whether you have a special song or not, it is important to make sure the song you choose for your first dance has a groove to it and that the lyrics are appropriate for your wedding. Below are a few things you should consider when choosing your first dance song.

 extreme dj phil and sophie first dance ottawa


Find a song that has a strong beat. The beat of a song is similar to heartbeats; it is a consistent beat that determines the pace of a song. When you hear a song, particular one with an obvious beat, such as “Blurred Lines” (not that I suggest you dance to this), you would naturally want to tap your foot, nod your head or even shake your hips! And while you are tapping the beat, you can find out the tempo of a song. The perfect song should not be too fast or too slow. It is actually harder to move slow than fast. Imagine running on a track versus running through mud.

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Tips For Booking Your Wedding DJ

elegant wedding dance

So you’ve booked your beautiful venue, arranged a catering company, and worked closely with your wedding planner to iron out all of the details for your big day. You’ve reached one of the final steps to making your wedding a success, booking the DJ! Your wedding music, whether you decide to book a DJ or band, will be a major component to your reception. Not only will the music set the right tone and create the atmosphere you're going for, but they will also help to gracefully keep the evening's events flowing smoothly from one moment to the next. The best DJs and bands are booked well in advance, so be sure to act quickly.


To get you started, we've put together this list of questions and tips that will help you determine if the DJ is going to be the right fit for your wedding and what you should be aware of before booking.

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Choosing a Great Wedding Planner!

choosing a great wedding planner ottawa

There are hundreds of decisions that have to be made throughout the course of planning a wedding, and if you want to make sure everything works out perfectly, consider hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners are there to coordinate, plan and execute a wedding exactly as you’ve envisioned it.  They have experience and know who to work with, and who to avoid.  However, not all are built equally; here are some questions you should ask your wedding planner before hiring them.

Gain an understanding of whether they will be relying on phone calls, meetings or email. Though technology has made it simpler to communicate and co-ordinate with people, meeting with your planner in person makes certain things easier to plan and organize.

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