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Ottawa Wedding Trends of 2014

ottawa wedding trends of 2014


New wedding trends are emerging all the time, and 2014 will be no disappointment.  What was considered to be the “in” thing at one point of time may become unfashionable a few years down the line.  Thus, every year brings on new fashion trends in styling, venues, clothes, food as well as the traditions that are followed.


So What’s Trending?

As always, couples are continuing to weave their own styles and tastes into their special day and this year too, things are no different.  The trend seems to be towards more casual weddings and a lot of people are doing away with the large traditional and formal weddings all together.  Let’s take a look at what the latest 2014 wedding trends are:


  • Woodland Weddings - This has become a very dominant trend this year. Couples are focusing on refined and sophisticated accents that are natural and rustic.  Expect to see a lot of greenery, flowers and sparkle added in good measure.  This theme carries right through to the decoration, outfits and invitations being used.


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How to Choose the Best Ottawa Wedding DJ

ottawa's best wedding djsIf you’re planning a wedding and are looking to hire a DJ, here is a list of things that will help you pick the one that is just right for you and your guests.

1) Professionalism

First and foremost, it is important to consider the professionalism of any DJ you are considering to hire. There is nothing worse than a DJ that is lazy, unorganized or out dated. One of the easiest ways to get an idea of the type of DJ you’re dealing with is to check out their website. If it appears to be well organized, up to date and modern, chances are their services will be very similar. Also, find out if they are a member of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA). The CPDJA is an organization dedicated to promoting a level of excellence amongst its members and generally, but not always, indicates the DJ business is striving to provide a level of quality.

2) Meet with the DJ you’re hiring

When I say meet with the DJ, I mean the DJ, not an event planner, a sales person or any other company representative. Sure it would be nice to meet with all of the above, but the DJ is the most important since they are ultimately the person you are hiring and trusting to entertain your guest for the evening. Even if the meeting is brief, it is a good test to see if a DJ is presentable and will show up on time. If you don't meet your DJ right away, at least ask to setup a meeting with them before your wedding - it's good to get to know each other before putting them in charge of your wedding entertainment.

3) Personality

Look for a DJ that has a personality that well represents you and your guests. Also, if you plan to have the DJ act as the master of ceremonies for your wedding, make sure they communicate clearly and concisely. You don’t want a DJ that gets on the microphone and doesn’t know when to stop talking. If they tend to dominate the conversation when you meet with them and never let you get a word in, you may want to consider asking one of your guests to MC instead.

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Best Songs From the 90's

best songs from the 90s1.  Madonna - Vogue

2.  U2 - One

3.  Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way

4.  Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

5.  Hanson - MMMBop

6.  Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

7.  Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back

8.  Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

9.  TLC - Waterfalls

10.  Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares To You

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Best Songs From The 80's

1.  Michael Jackson - Billy Jean

2.  Bon Jovi - Livin' On a Prayer

3.  Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me

4.  Prince - When Doves Cry

5.  Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf

6.  Madonna - Like a Prayer

7.  Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - The Message

8.  Run DMC - Walk This Way

9.  AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

10.  Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child of Mine

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Best Songs From The 70's

best songs from the 70s

1.  John Lennon - Imagine

2.  Don McLean - American Pie

3.  Derek and the Dominoes - Layla

5.  The Eagles - Hotel California

6.  Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love Baby

7.  The Knack - My Sharona

8.  Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive

9.  Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

10.  Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water

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